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ABU52,NB Burette extention for TIM8xx titrators


ABU52,NB Burette extention for TIM8xx titrators
Artikel-Nr.: R41T031


Add extra capacity

Each ABU52 gives you two motor-driven burettes, two electrode inputs and one temperature input. Two ABU52s can be connected to a TitraLab® workstation, providing up to six titrating burettes and six high-impedance electrode inputs in one system, meeting every application need. Use the ABU52 as an extra titration sample stand or for electrode storage and reconditioning.

Automate your system

The required ABU52 burette and installed electrode are selected via methods programmed in the titration workstation, with the system taking charge of precise titrant or reagent dispensing. The large screen display gives you information about reagent status at a glance.

Ensure fast and accurate dispensing

Choose from five monoblock burette sizes: 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 ml, all conforming to the ISO 8655-3 standard. The full volume can be dispensed in less than 20 seconds, with a resolution as small as 0.1 µl with the 1 ml burette.

Use as a stand-alone dosing unit

The ABU52 can be operated manually by simply connecting a standard PC keyboard. Just fit the right electrode and the ABU52 becomes a versatile manual titration unit. mV/pH readings are shown on the large screen for each titrant increment dispensed along with a live titration curve. Graphic tools enable you to determine the location of your equivalence point(s) manually in order to calculate the final result.

Simple extension

ABU52 Biburette comes complete with all necessary accessores.


ABU52,NB Potentiometric Titration Workstation consists of the ABU52 biburette with a full set of connecting cables, cell accessories. Electrode & Burette stand B5xx to be ordered separately.

Technische Daten

Analoge Eingänge: 2
Bürettenstand: Fixed
Gewicht: 5 kg
Länge: 450 mm
Spezielle Technologie: pH/mV
Typ: Burette extension