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Hardsided case for MP portable meters

Hardsided case for MP portable meters
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Rugged and Durable

Rely on Hach’s durable measuring systems designed to withstand the
rigors of outdoor testing and frequent use. Choose from the industry’s
toughest probes or non-glass electrodes for rugged, waterproof systems
that deliver day after day.

Easy to Use

Now, more than ever, you’re looking for new ways to stretch your dollar
and resources. Skip studying complicated user manuals and spend your
time measuring, thanks to Hach’s innovative menu designs and simple
keypads for truly intuitive operation.


Need to measure in both the lab and field? Hach offers efficiency with
reliable, high-performance systems that easily move with you from the
benchtop directly to the testing site. Measure the parameters you need
today with the assurance you can expand in the future.