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Phosphat-Teststreifen, 0 - 50 mg/L, 50 Tests

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Test strips in a variety of parameters.
High-quality Hach chemistry on an easy-to-use test strip. Simply dip the strip in sample and compare with colors printed on the bottle to find a reading. Test strips are accurate, portable, and low-cost. Applications include drinking water, wastewater, pool and spa, industrial process water, and more. Parameters available include chlorine, nitrate and nitrite, hardness, alkalinity, chloride, ammonia, and more. Hach offers a high-value 5 in 1 test strip, which measures free chlorine, total chlorine, hardness, alkalinity, and pH - all on one strip.

  • Einfach anzuwenden, für den Einmalgebrauch vorgesehen und preiswert
  • Eine hervorragende Möglichkeit, schnelle, quantitative Antworten vor Ort oder im Labor zu erhalten